Hello World!


I am ZAP

If you are here you probably already know that, why else would you visit?

b&w Zoie sad (108367 bytes)

We are once trying to get my web pages back online and current.  Please be patient as we work on it and keep coming back to check out how we are doing.

We tried to get Zoie.com but someone else registered it two weeks before we tried.  So if you see them be sure to tell them  "pbbbbbbttt!!"

Mostly we'll put lots of photos here so that the loved ones far away can see how I just keep growing and changing.  Maybe the pictures will keep you from missing me too much, or maybe it will make you miss me more and you'll come for a visit.  We'll put other things here too.  One warning about the photos, they can take a very long time to load, especially if you have a slow connection.  My mother says why bother putting them online if they are terrible quality, so rather than lessen the quality she puts them onto a lot of separate pages.  



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