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I started taking Kung Fu San Soo classes in December of 1999.  I love it!  .

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My teacher is Master Lawrence Rouse at the Lawrence Rouse Kung Fu San Soo Center for Self Defense.  If you live in the San Fernando Valley and are looking for martial arts classes, this is a great place to study.  If you aren't looking for martial arts classes, think about it.  It is so much fun.  Mommy says, "It is obvious that Master Rouse loves teaching, and he wants to give all people the opportunity to experience the psychological and physical benefits that martial arts can provide.  The fact he sees this as a way of life rather than just a way to make a living shows through in the enthusiasm he brings to class, and the kids really respond to it.  Add to that his very reasonable pricing, free trial class, and no contracts and it is a deal that can't be beat."  I don't know what some of that means, but I know he is even nice to us when we have too much energy or make a lot of mistakes, and he always helps us until we get it right then gives us a big High-5.  Do we sound like an advertisement?  I hope so.  He is great with the kids and I need more kids there to work out with.  Check out their website and call or send email to set up a trial class.  Tell him Zoie sent you, he'll know who I am.  If you are going to be attending the 4-7 age group class with me then send ZAP email too so I'll be expecting you.


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