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Zoie gets her Kung Fu San Soo Green Belt!

For Valentine's day Mom and I gave Daddy a picture of us.

My birthday was so much fun. I had a great party. A lot of people came to enjoy the day with me and Wildlife on Wheels came to show us some animals. There were sugar gliders, a skunk (who was in Dr Dolittle), an armadillo (and I also got a stuffed one), a boa constrictor, a hawk and an alligator! It was great.

I am so excited that my birthday is coming soon. Mommy finally let me do my wish lists, but I don't have my invitations yet. I wanted a bowling party but Mommy says we will probably have a party at the house again. You can see my wishlists at Amazon and KBKids if you want to.

We took a special trip to Florida for part of November and December. I will put my journal and a lot of pictures up when I get a chance. It was an incredible trip.

In October I got to be the flower girl for Karen and Ron.

I got my second degree yellow belt on Sunday June 24th. I also did a kung fu demonstration at the LA Tofu Festival again in August.

We went to Lake Tahoe for Memorial Day weekend. It was a lot of fun. We rented a nice cabin and took Indy and London with us, but Willow and Xander stayed at home. We went to a surprise party for Grandma Meriko's birthday. She was very surprised but she surprised us too. She showed up where we were having the party unexpectedly. She wasn't supposed to come until someone went to pick her up. We were still decorating. When the guests came they were surprised that she was already there. She didn't even know we were coming to visit so she was very surprised to see us.

Daddy took a couple of trips to London this year. We didn't get to go with him though.

In February I turned 6! I had a nice day on my birthday. Grandpa Wes was here to visit me and we got to go meet Daddy for lunch in Burbank. For dinner we went to my favorite sushi restaurant. That weekend we had a birthday party. A lot of people came. We also got a new car at the end of February.

In January I got my first degree yellow belt in kung fu san soo.

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