Zoie and Indy in Sept 99(90480 bytes)

This is my dog Indy.  She is mostly a German Shepherd with some Husky thrown in, and who knows what else.  We got her from the Los Angeles German Shepherd Rescue when I was less than one year old and she was 3 months old.  We grew up together.  My mom took this picture of us in September of 1999.  Some people think she looks mean, but I think she is beautiful.   I play with her everyday.  I throw her toy for her.  It is a very funny looking toy that my mom calls a punk rock chicken.  We buy her other toys, but she only likes the punk rock chicken.  Indy is always really excited.  She is smart though.  She knows Come, Sit, Stay, Heel, Shake, Wave and Speak.  She listens to my Mom, but sometimes she only does what I say if I have a treat for her.






  Zoie and Indy in Jan 99 (124859 bytes)

The other picture was taken in January of 1999.  See my hair was shorter then.  We are in our backyard.   That is our hot tub behind us.  It isn't working right now.  I really miss it.  I love playing in the water.  Indy doesn't like water very much.  We spent all summer trying to convince her it wouldn't hurt if she stood in my wading pool.  My mom always tells Indy that dogs are supposed to like water.








Zoie and Xander (91554 bytes)Zoie and Willow (95527 bytes)These are my new kittens Xander and Willow, named after characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  We really like that TV show.  My parents won't always let me watch all of it because it is scary sometimes.  I like it because Buffy is a really strong girl who always beats the monsters to save her friends.  I even dressed up like Buffy for Halloween once.  Willow and Xander the kittens are about 6 months old now.  We adopted them from Pet Adoption Fund.   We go there and volunteer once a week keeping the cats there company so they don't forget that people can be nice.  These pictures aren't very good but we will put better ones here soon.  Willow is the black and white one.  She is fuzzier than Xander is.  Xander is the Tabby.  He has really beautiful markings.  At the Pet Adoption Fund Willow (who was called Binky then) kept coming up and lying down next to me every time I came into the room she was staying in.  The people there were surprised because they said she usually wasn't very friendly.  I think she knew right away she wanted to come live with me.  Xander, (who was called Casey then) was in a different room in a cage because he was sick and needed medicine.

Zoie and London (78310 bytes) This just in.  There is a new addition to our family, London, a beautiful Siberian Husky.  He was born on July 8, 1999 and we brought him home on September 26, 1999.  The breeder we got him from still has 3 wonderful male pups left in the litter (it was so hard to choose), so if you are looking, send email and we'll put you in touch.

Zoie Indy and London (97262 bytes)


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