Out of the mouth of ZAP, as compiled by her mother


On technology.

"Why do some phones have wires?"


When told that it is rude to tell us that we should buy her a lot of presents for her birthday.

"But I want you to be happy.   I know you said that giving me presents makes you happy, and I want you to be REALLY happy."


On her confidence in her Dad's ability to fix the burnt out light bulb he hadn't gotten around to replacing.

"Come on Daddy.  I'll get you a light bulb, and you can screw it up."


When asked what 'expensive' means.

"It means that we have to buy something else."


Not much of a vegetarian.

"Chicken isn't a vegetable.   Chicken is REAL food."


At the age of two, (loudly and pointing) in a restaurant with a tropical fish tank.

"Look!  Sushi!"


Philosophical musings after playing Nintendo's Super Mario 64.

"What if I was trying to run and jump and I couldn't because someone wasn't pushing the right button."


Of course there is more to come.


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